Introducing SERIES-2

Splendid Sun

Splendid Sun

Flowers of Vietnam’s Beverage Director, Marlowe Johnson wanted to drop the new menu just like a fashion release. It was originally called FW2019, but that didn’t seem dynamic enough. So Marlowe decided on SERIES-2.

The SERIES-2 menu hones-in more closely on what the identity of what the Flowers of Vietnam’s bar is — distinct, unconventional flavors that utilize robust spirits - rum, mezcal, gin. There isn’t anything shy about the cocktails.

At the same time, each cocktail exhibits elements of whimsy, that is so signature to the style of drinks we serve, despite being very serious about the craft, the production, and the character of the drinks. We believe there is a great deal of fun to these drinks.

SERIES-2 moments of brilliance have come from co-worker and fellow bartender Jeff Urcheck. Marlowe says that “I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who compulsively creates and innovates more. It’s a rare gift for a mentor to find themselves in the position of modulating and directing a great and ferocious talent. It is also a much harder job than I realized back when I was the relentless innovator. Now I have to be the one who keep an eye on cost percentage and product availability.”

While a lot of the drinks might be called tropical, we wouldn’t label the menu as “tiki”. There is a certain flavor profile that harmonizes with our food, here at Flowers of Vietnam. It’s full of fruit, floral, very luscious, and has bountiful texture.

Drinks to get excited about:

"The Flowers Martini Service for Two"
A floral 50:50 martini served in a glass teapot with blooming flower tea. London Dry Gin, Genever, Flower Cordial, Pineau des Charentes, Blooming Flower.

"Splendid Sun"
A riff on our extremely popular papaya salad (A-5) on the menu, that takes the component parts of the salad and twists them. Mezcal, papaya-lemon sherbet, carrot juice, fresh cucumber. Thirst quencher.

Marlowe Johnson will launch his SERIES-2 collection of cocktails in September.

SERIES-2 also features the Ichigo, Guava Justino, and De-Luzion.

SERIES-2 also features the Ichigo, Guava Justino, and De-Luzion.